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Facts and Knowledge about Bail Bonds

What is a Bail Bond?

A surety bond, commonly known as a bail bond, is a contract between a state licensed bail agent and the signer or cosigners and guaranteeing that the defendant will appear for scheduled court appearances. In the event of failure to appear, sometimes called a "skip", the signers of the bail contract agree to pay the court the full amount of the bond.

If you are considering bailing someone out of jail, it is important that you know how the process works and understand your responsibilities. I can answer your specific questions or provide more bail bond information 24 hours a day. Please call me at 1 (855) 826-2245.

Purpose of the Bail System

The purpose of the bail system is to guarantee the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. The system was imported to the U.S. from England in Colonial times and has origins dating back to medieval times. Statistically, the bail system works well and costs taxpayers nothing as bail agents are underwritten privately.

Bail Bond Approval

In order to approve a bond, information will be collected by the bail agent through an interview. Some bondsmen require collateral in order to secure the full amount of the bond. At this company, I work with clients to create a bail contract where collateral is not necessary if possible. The process takes just a few minutes.

What to Expect when Bailing Someone Out of Jail

When someone is arrested, the defendant, a friend, or relative will contact a bail bond company. During the free phone consultation, most companies will collect basic information about your situation in order to determine the risk involved in the bond and begin the approval process. The types of questions asked are typically what is the nature of the charges, when was the defendant arrested, how long have you known the defendant, do you and the defendant work, are you home owners, how long have you been with your current employer, etc.

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